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Steel Construction (STCO) journal presents with a series of international Online Live Seminars (OLS) Keynotes as an overview of present applied steel construction research. Partner of the STCO-OLS series are European Convention for Constructional Steelworks, Akademie der Ingenieure from Stuttgart and the Ernst & Sohn journal Steel Construction. The online presentations take about 1 to 1.5 h, followed by questions & answers.

The OLS is based on the paper: Wald, F.; Vild, M.; Kuříková, M.; Kabeláč, J.; Sekal, D.; Maier, N.; Da Silva Seco, L.; Couchaux, M. Component based finite element design of steel joints (doi:10.1002/stab.202000013), which has been published in the May issue of Stahlbau in German and in English in Civil Engineering Design this summer.

At the OLS Prof. Wald will explain the principles of multi‐level finite element modelling for design of structural steel joints. An important part of the design by finite elements is the validation and verification of the model and its results. In component bases finite element design (CBFEB) are the steel plates considered by geometrically and materially non‐linear analysis (GMNA). The differences between research‐oriented and design‐oriented models and the currents trends in modelling of connection components are highlighted. Both have their roles in advanced analyses. The OLS shows the potential in design of elements including its connection.

Referent: Prof. František Wald of Czech Technical University Prague

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